Touch and Texture

I like to let my fingers explore the surface of a finished piece. This may be secondary to the visual appeal; I allow and encourage our childhood inclination to touch/over rule and reach out to grasp it with both hands.

We can feel the texture ripple smoothly under our finger tips, there are no sharp edges. I like the contrast between the top and shoulder where the pattern begins. We might ask, "How was this pattern created? Can we feel the speckles at the top? How heavy or light is this vase? How large is the opening... is it small enough to gather a freshly selected bouquet?

These impressions are sometimes difficult to access online.

This vase (SKU 843) is from my latest firing weighs 1lb 13 ounces, it is just over 7" tall, a 6" diameter, with an opening of 1-1/4" just right for a handful of daisys!

It has a clear transparent glaze mid-fired (2232 F). The neck and its speckles are reflective of its natural brown clay body. More questions just ask the potter...

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